split 7" w/ The Capitalist Kids




released May 26, 2013



all rights reserved


TIGHT BROS Columbus, Ohio

4 dudes, aimlessly traveling through space and time while hammering out power chords and sixteenth notes.

Troy Allen- Guitar, Vox
Shane Natalie- Drums, Vox
Jared Reynolds- Bass, Vox
Evan Wolff- Guitar, Artwork, Magic
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Track Name: Relocate Me
Seems like most of the time I can't see straight
My head and brain just separate
I'm calling it quits, I don't know what to do
I don't want the pills, I don't want to drink
I'd kill to have a normal day
I can't believe the shit I put you through

(Meet me at my window)
How do I stay up?
When I'm this down?
I guess my mind's made up and I'm not going out

Pick me up and relocate me
Haven't been myself much lately

This black cloud hanging over me won't go away
Just lingering, I know that you've grown tired of it, too
So you've been waiting patiently
While I'm off in another place
I've gotta find the way back, ohhh
Track Name: Markers
Why did you go?

Pack up and get moving
Bad taste from this city
I can't escape from here
It's everything I love
But this feeling deep inside of me
Is fogging up my head
I know it seems convincing
But there's something I don't know
There's something I don't know

Why did you go?

The markers you're using
Lackluster, confusing
I need an answer
Please just tell me what to do
Because this shithead on my shoulders
Needs a better place to turn
I know you seem convincing
But there's something I don't know
There's something I don't know

Why did you go?
Why did you go?
Track Name: Little Bird
Little bird, look at you now
Spread your wings and then flew south
While I just sit here and smoke this cigarette
Chased after fireflies
At a show in the summertime
Well I just said this is not an exit

I know I'm in your head
Well now I'm in your bed
I know I'm in your head
Can't get you off my brain

Something tells me that's okay
A little voice that'll always say
When I wake up that you
You'll change your mind today

Little bird, I'll watch you fly little bird